I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new 24″ inch iMac last week. And now the wait begins.

After hitting problem after problem with my existing 27″ iMac from 2017, I felt I really had to invest and upgrade. It’s my main office computer and was beginning to cause me problems when running webinars. As these are core to my business, I can’t really afford to muck about and made do.

And yes, I know…Apple may well launch a new 27″ or even 30″ iMac based on the M1 chip. Maybe even on the day my shiny new iMac arrives. Or, it might do so in October. Who really knows?! All I know is that I’ve almost certainly waited too long and life at work will be far easier once I’m living the M1 life.

In case anyone is interested, I opted for the blue model. I love orange, but the shade they offer this computer in just didn’t sit right with me. I honestly was’t sure I could sit (or stand…yes I’m one of those people) in front of it all day. The blue was a lot more neutral.

Inside, I went with all the bells and whistles I could afford. 16GB of RAM, a 2TB drive and 8-core CPU. This means I intend to make this last for years. Let’s see how well I stick to that when the next generation of iMacs is launched.

The waiting game

Sadly, it’s going to be at least another three weeks before this gorgeous slice of computing power arrives. I’m not all that surprised, given the global challenges we’re all facing right now. But still – the gap between placing an order for an Apple device and actually receiving that device is one of the toughest things about being an Apple Fanboy. The wait seems interminable.

As the delivery date creeps closer, I’ll return to my account online and refresh the page until it’s out for dispatch. I’m hoping I’ll be home to take receipt. Being somewhere else and knowing it’s waiting for me is almost as bad as not having one at all!

And so I’ll just have to scratch my M1 iMac itch by watching review videos on YouTube and avoiding articles about the Spring Apple Event that is sure to deliver an even bigger model.

(Photo by N.Tho.Duc on Unsplash)

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